Why outsourcing?

Specialized service providers can perform tasks at costs and quality, which the clients internally cannot reach. It often changes fixed costs into variable costs. The cost effect is in fact one of the strongest arguments in favor of outsourcing.

What other services are you providing?

Our services proposed to your esteemed company can be summarized as follows:
  1. Consultancy in all insurance and reinsurance matters.
  2. Technical insurance services including risk assessment and Control Survey, claims handling and management.

Which insurance coverage are you providing?

Our Insurance services:
1.  Non Life Insurance: We offer all kind of insurance available in the local and the International market (property, Aviation, Cars, CAR "Contractors All Risk", EAR "Erection All risk", Marine, etc..)
2.  Medical Insurance: We provide local and international Medical insurance.
3.  Life Insurance, pension and savings: We deal with local and multinational insurance companies.
4.  Travel Insurance.

Who are you & how could I contact you?

We are GIG Insurance Brokers, stock holding company Located at
78 Abd El Aziz Fahmy , Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.
Phone: 02 26372562, 02 26371572, 02 26371623
Mobile: 012 248 8788;   Fax: 0226371815/1826;  E-Mail: info@gigsae.com

Am I going to pay extra charges added to my premium?

No extra charges will be added.

Is it necessary to have an Insurance Consultant and Why?

Yes it is, Because he is handling your insurance business from A to Z, minimizing your insurance risk, measuring your insurance cost, following your claims & keep you peace of mind.